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The Online MBA Checklist: How to Pick the Winning Business School in Utah

April  2018

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According to the Financial Times, 2017 marked the highest salary increase in a decade for MBA graduates three years after their return in the workplace, and global average salary increase numbers are holding strong in 2018, where almost two-thirds of alumni cohorts more than doubled their salaries.

We live in the “golden age” for MBA jobs, but that doesn’t mean all of them are created equal. The market is saturated with for-profit “instant degrees,” and employers are worried about the knowledge gap between alumni of respected universities and those of opportunistic institutions. Companies want students who left business school with an education, not just a diploma.

Before you enroll in your online MBA, make sure your university of choice packs a punch on your resume using this checklist.

Five Traits of a Winning Business School

1.     Institutional Prestige

Imagine being at a job interview where it’s going great. You start talking about your MBA, but your future manager isn’t sure what to make of it. Your resume goes into the “maybe” pile. That’s because when an employer can’t take your education seriously, they won’t take you seriously.

If you only had one criteria to go off of in your MBA decision making, pick prestige. Look for universities that have a good standing among local and state-wide employers, and a proven track record in graduates’ job placement, like Utah State University (USU)’s Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. The online Huntsman MBA’s prestige will set you apart in the job market and help you land competitive jobs.

2.     Online Flexibility

Real-world application is an intrinsic part of the MBA learning experience, and working professionals are at an advantage when they’re able to successfully balance schooling with family commitments or the requirements of their full-time jobs. With the advent of online education, long gone are the days when candidates had to spend every waking moment in class or commuting to/from campus.

Programs like USU’s 100% online Huntsman MBA allow you to fit classes around your schedule, and strike the right balance between personal and professional life. For employers, this translates into candidates who didn’t rush school but took the time to experience an immersive education.

3.     World-renowned Faculty

The practical nature of an MBA degree demands that faculty have exponentially more real-world industry experience than their students. Only a handful of universities manage to attract expert faculty like Utah State’s own Scott Hammond – professor, radio host, author, and accomplished consultant. Providing students with access to industry-savvy educators, leaders, and professionals enriches their learning experience and provides a greater array of practical references, case studies, and personal examples.

4.     Engaging Curriculum

It doesn’t do a student any good to memorize material for a test only to forget it afterwards. Using the “Recall-Learn-Teach” learning model, online Huntsman MBA students draw on past experiences to learn new business concepts and master a variety of subjects: strategy, leadership, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and more. They simplify and clarify these notions by presenting them to their peers, then demonstrate mastery through assessment and proven ability. This way students get to practice concepts in safe learning environments and receive feedback on how to improve, enhancing their learning experience.

5.     Academic Rigor

Well-rounded business professionals understand all aspects of running an organization, and are able to quickly uncover processes that expand beyond their area of expertise. The online Huntsman MBA is designed to help students master the art of selling a concept, understand how to grow and maintain a thriving business, and hone leadership skills, through a variety of projects, discussions, case studies, and real-life applications. An academic environment that sets clear timelines, goals, and expectations, that encourages applied group work and cross-industry interaction, is conducive to gaining interdisciplinary ground fast and thorough.

If you are considering the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, you can rest assured it checks off all boxes in the MBA checklist. When it comes to setting yourself apart in the workplace, the program’s cutting-edge education and experienced faculty attracts students from around the world to Utah State in Logan. That same program is available 100% online.

A Perfectly-paced Degree for Working Professionals

Whether you are looking for a promotion, new career, or simply more education, finding the time to do it can be difficult. The 100% online Huntsman MBA is designed for professionals who want to balance a full-time job with a part-time course load, master core business skills in a paced environment, and still have time to pursue their passions. It really makes living and learning possible.

By spreading out the course work over a two-year period, only taking one class at a time, you can master the content without being overwhelmed, and experience the convenience of Utah State’s award-winning online programs, recognized as fifth best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report’s preeminent college ranking system. Witness real-world experienced educators bring textbook principles to life in the classes they teach, and mentor you to solve today’s problems with tomorrow’s solutions.

Earn your MBA the Huntsman way. Visit or call (435) 797-3624 to talk directly to an advisor.

USU's 100% Online Huntsman MBA