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Paying it Forward - Tyler Olsen

December  2015

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Olsen Family

Tyler Olsen, proud Huntsman School of Business alumnus and long-time supporter, gives back to help ensure that talented Huntsman students don’t miss out on realizing their potential because of finances.

Tyler graduated from the Huntsman School with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Masters of Accounting. He left USU and went to work as a CPA for Deloitte & Touche before moving to Wells Fargo Private Bank and their Wealth Consulting Group. Today he is a Senior Vice President with Wells Fargo Advisors, working with individual families and foundations.  His wife, Marce, is a graduate of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Utah State, and received her degree in social work. She worked primarily in foster care in both Utah and Colorado before transitioning into a full-time role at home, looking after their two kids, Sammy and Hadley.

Tyler and Marce Olsen’s support of a scholarship in the Huntsman School of Business goes back 13 years and has made all the difference for a dozen Huntsman students. Their scholarship supports students from smaller towns whose economic environment is more difficult, and has helped some very deserving students obtain a degree and prepare to enter a very competitive work environment. In Tyler’s own words, “college is not an inexpensive proposition and it’s a struggle for a lot of people. My experience taught me that some of the brightest people I knew were on the cusp of dropping out daily and it was all expense related.”

Tyler also gives back in appreciation for the experience he had while at Utah State, which prepared him to compete for a job and begin a career. He credits notable Huntsman professor Vance Grange with instilling within him a desire to learn about financial planning, and helping him create a curriculum tailored towards obtaining his CFP certification. Tyler also acknowledges emeriti professor Jay Price for bringing real world examples to the classroom every day and preparing him to function outside of academia. “I left Utah State prepared with the analytical skills I needed for every job I’ve worked in. I can honestly say that I use skills I acquired at the Huntsman school every day on the job.”

Gifts of any amount make a difference at the Huntsman School of Business, providing scholarship support for talented and deserving students. Visit to make your gift today!