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Huntsman Scholars Help High School Students

Huntsman Scholar StudentsThis October, students in the Huntsman Scholar Leadership Lab visited Whitehorse High School in San Juan County, Utah to help make them aware of the educational opportunities that are available. Home to Navajo Nation, over half of the residents do not have access to running water or electricity and even fewer have educational opportunities. Bret Crane, Assistant Professor over the Leadership Lab, explains that this is creating a cycle of poverty.

“We saw that the students on the reservation were either unaware of educational opportunities, intimidated by them, or didn’t have the resources to access them,” said Crane. “Representatives from the Native American community came and talked to about 50 Huntsman Scholars about this problem. Our goal was to create an opportunity fair where each student team developed a unique booth that communicated higher aspiration and accessibility to a higher education, and what it could mean for them and their families.”

Crane explained that one of the things they wanted to teach the Scholar students was leadership is not about yourself, it is about making a difference in the lives of others. “We took the students through a design process,” said Crane. “Students learn this at Stanford, they learn this at Michigan, and we are teaching it to freshman.”

In less than three hours, 300 students visited booths with varied information from financial aid to mock interviews. They received ready-to-go applications, a list of schools that do not require application fees, and scholarship information so they know what they qualify for. “The principal expressed her gratitude and explained that she had never seen her students with such excitement and professionalism,” shared Crane.