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How Global Experiences Enrich Learning

August  2016

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Foreign travel is an opportunity that can greatly enrich a student’s education and the Global Learning Experiences program at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business does just that. Aligning with the school’s pillar of global vision, the program provides rich, in-country experiences while providing a business focused curriculum. The structure helps students develop a global mindset which “is imperative for students who will enter a highly globalized marketplace upon graduation.” The program contains a broad portfolio of options for both undergraduate and graduate programs with experiences in London, Paris, South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Hannah Morgan, a senior studying Marketing, spent a portion of her summer in South America. Though she had previously traveled to England through another study abroad program at Utah State, Hannah saw this program as “an opportunity to learn about business in a different country and environment.” The Global Learning Experiences were a chance for Hannah to participate in a program that was highly related to business while providing her with career development opportunities. The program allowed her to travel and also gave her the opportunity to complete additional business credits, helping her graduate on time.

Hannah Morgan at Machu Picchu‎Hannah and other program participants spent two and a half weeks traveling through Chile and Peru. While in Trujillo, Peru, the students have the opportunity to work with the Huntsman School’s Small Enterprise Education and Development (SEED) Program interns in the area. When asked how this experience will help Hannah excel while performing in the work force she stated,

As part of the program we performed due diligence on three different business proposals and I believe that is a very important perspective to understand for a business student. It evaluates standards, ethics, and performance in different ways that help you perform better as well as helping those working with you. Due diligence is important for every business and therefore knowing how to perform the needed steps will help throughout my life.

Though initially she was hesitant about the large amount of business visits during the trip, Hannah stated, “they turned out to be my favorite thing. Specifically, getting to tour the Good Year tire plant was a major highlight. The tour took about three hours, but watching them create tires from nothing was spectacular.”

Hannah admits that she didn’t know a lot about the program at the beginning “but coming out I have become more confident in my work and business relations. I have gained a better understanding of large businesses and how they can run efficiently and I made great connections that can help me in my future.”

Hannah further stated, “This travel experience taught me to do hard things by branching out and learning outside of a classroom. During this trip I gained a greater respect for work and school, which has helped me to focus more on my end goals this coming year and how I plan to get myself there.”

To learn more about Global Learning Experiences please visit this website or contact Liz Allred, Program Director, at