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3 Hired by Goldman Sachs

February  2016

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Congratulations to three Huntsman students who recently received full-time offers as financial analysts in the highly sought after Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. The Huntsman School of Business placed three students in the Investment Banking Division in the GS Salt Lake City office. The only other school that placed more than one student with GS-SLC was Denver University, with the placement of two students.

Greg Dudley

Greg Dudley, Finance and Economics ‘16

Greg Dudley, from Riverton, Utah, currently serves as president of the USU Finance & Economics Club, as well as being the co-president of the Investment Banking Club. Greg credits the Huntsman School for preparing him for his upcoming position as an investment banking analyst by helping him form a solid work ethic, as well as developing an insatiable thirst for learning. Through both classroom settings and extracurricular activities, Greg says he became comfortable with his networking and interviewing skills, which helped him to convey his communication skills and interact successfully with potential employers.

“The best experience I've had during my time in the Huntsman was the Career Exploration Trip to NYC that I attended in 2014. This trip was a great opportunity to see first-hand what a career in finance would entail, and helped clarify what I needed to do to make my career dreams become a reality.”
Sonya Hakobyan

Sonya Hakobyan, Economics & International Studies ‘16

Sonya Hakobyan, from Gyumri, Armenia, noted that she gained a strong base of finance knowledge at the Huntsman School. She greatly values the opportunities she had to meet successful practitioners who spoke in her classes, giving real world examples and implications of the theory taught in class. She is also grateful to the Huntsman family for giving her the opportunity to attend Utah State University.

“I am grateful to everyone who helped me achieve my goals, especially to Professors Randy Simmons and Paul Fjeldsted. Professor Simmons played a big role in my decision to join the economics program, and he guided and supported me throughout my studies. Professor Fjeldsted helped prepare me to get the job of my dreams with Goldman Sachs.”
Jameson Hartman

Jameson Hartman, Finance and Economics ‘16

Jameson Hartman, a Cache Valley native, became interested in trading stocks while still attending Logan High School. Jameson credits the faculty in the Huntsman School for the work they do help mentor and develop students on an individual basis, and for providing students the tools needed to succeed.

“The best experience I have had was the opportunity to participate in the Go Global Asia program and Buehler Scholars, both with the leadership of Professor Chris Fawson. The outstanding cohort of students in both programs, combined with the intellectual independence we were given really advanced my experience while studying and provided me with abilities to take control of my education.”