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July  2017

Exploring Careers in NYC

Huntsman Students on Wall Stree in NYCSixteen students, along with two faculty members, travelled to New York City earlier this summer for three days of career exploration visits with finance firms. The ten visits included large firms such as Goldman Sachs, KPMG, and Bloomberg as well as S&P, Time Inc, and JetBlue. The students also took part in an event that brought together alumni in the area. Grant Brinkerhoff, a sophomore Finance student, stated that “this was such an amazing experience to learn more about the different jobs in the financial field. It was an eye-opening experience seeing the different aspects of finance and corporations that I liked and did not like. Because of this trip I know which classes I want to take to finish my major. I am grateful for all of the alumni that took time out of their busy schedule to meet with us, it really has changed what I want to do with the rest of my life.” Senior Finance major Riley Nielson said that “I got to NYC with tons of questions about my future goals and plans. I left with all of my questions answered. It definitely was a life changing experience.”

Paul Fjeldsted, senior lecturer in the Economics & Finance Department, started the trip eight years ago to expose students to the possibilities of careers in finance. Fjeldsted spent over 20 years working on Wall Street, and knew that Utah State students could compete in that environment. Over time, several students have received employment opportunities through this trip.  Many more students have realized a passion for finance, living in a big city, or that their interest lies elsewhere.

“I just got done thanking all of the contacts we made during the trip. In three of my thank you notes I included that I would be interested in interning there next summer. All three of them replied positively and offered me help with my resume, with putting me in touch with other people that I should meet, and they even offered to do an internal referral so that I would be more likely to get an interview. There is no substitute for the face to face interactions and connections that you will make in New York,” said finance student David Maughan.

The initial NYC Career Exploration Trip eight years ago has led to an entire career exploration program that includes 12-14 annual trips within and outside of Utah, scores of alumni and friends visiting campus to speak in classes, to hold information sessions, and to recruit. All told, students interacted with 238 employers at 329 career exploration events on campus or on site during 2016.