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Young Alumnus Succeeding at Facebook

October  2014

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mike bailey

After graduation in 2007, Mike Bailey, Economics (BA) and Math (BS), received a scholarship to Stanford’s PhD program. Nearing graduation from Stanford, Bailey began work at Yahoo! Research. He and his team studied the effectiveness of online targeted advertising and published one of the first papers on the topic. That paper is now one of the most cited research articles in the field of online advertising.

In 2011, Bailey joined Facebook as one of its first economists and led the building and design of Facebook’s advertising demand estimation and forecasting system. He now leads a team of economists, data scientists, social scientists, and engineers conducting use-inspired research in the areas of pricing, forecasting, macroeconomics, mechanism design, auctions, and economic modeling and simulation.

“My education both at the Huntsman School and at Stanford was amazing because it gave me a huge breadth of business knowledge including finance, economics, accounting, product management and more,” Bailey said. “The professors I had, and the range of topics they introduced to me to, have really shaped and impacted my career.”