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USU alumnus reacts to winning Nobel Prize in economics

October  2013

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Huntsman Post

USU alumnus reacts to winning Nobel Prize in economics

Editor's note: Alum Dr. Lars Peter Hansen, '74, who studied mathematics, political science, and economics, at USU was named as this year's Nobel Laureate in Economics. Now a professor at the University of Chicago, Hansen shares the award with two other eminent economists, Eugene Fama, also of Chicago, and Robert Shiller, of Yale. This Herald Journal clip is just one of many stories that ran about Dr. Hansen online and in print publications across the country.

Herald Journal

By Kevin Opsahl

Lars Peter Hansen was just about to head out the door of his Chicago residence to exercise at 5:45 a.m. Monday, when he got a surprising phone call.

t was an official from The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences informing him that he had been one of three recipients to win the 2013 Nobel Prize in economics.

“It took a bit to sink in, but by the time they passed the phone on to somebody who was on the selection committee, then I became convinced it was the real thing,” the Utah State University alumnus said in an interview from his University of Chicago office Thursday. “It was a very nice surprise.”


Douglas Anderson, the dean of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, was a classmate of Hansen’s.

“Lars was a year behind me, but miles ahead of me in terms of understanding economics,” Anderson said.

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