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Peter Huntsman: Challenge Conventional Wisdom

April  2015

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Eccles Conference Center—On Wednesday night students gathered to listen to the last speaker of the Entrepreneur Leadership Series,Peter Huntsman,President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Huntsman Chemical and Chief Executive Officer of Huntsman Cancer Foundation and the son of Jon M. Huntsman.

Peter spoke to attendees about the importance of stretching your horizons and challenging conventional wisdom. He said successful people often break the traditional status quo and aren’t afraid to risk the unknown to discover their potential. Peter suggested that asking questions and proactively seeking answers is just as important to the development of your mind as seeking higher education and encouraged students to seek growing experiences as well as their degrees.

Peter also emphasized the value of people in business. He shared that “Huntsman Corporation is not a company about chemicals, it’s a company about people.” People should be the heart of any organization, business, or agency, and building relationships helps to build growth on and off of the balance sheets.

As the semester comes to an end and many seniors prepare to start their lives after college,students will do well to take Peter Huntsman’s words with them:“Learn from other people, absorb culture, read, get opposing points of view, and go out and discover the world."