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My Favorite Professor: USU Grad Nick Bahr Recalls Working on Research Projects with Dr. Chad Albrecht

April  2013

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My experience with Dr. Chad Albrecht was life changing in a literal sense. I was privileged to collaborate with him on several research projects while working on my undergraduate degree at USU.

One project, on how management styles are shifting, led to a presentation at the Mountain Plains Management Conference in Utah. It was based on a theory from Simon L. Dolan at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, where I am now studying. Dr. Albrecht and I researched how management styles are shifting from "managing by instruction" to “managing by objectives” to the current and future method, “managing by values.”

Another project, on financial fraud prevention, led to publication in a scholarly journal. In each case Dr. Albrecht listened to my ideas and allowed me to choose what I wanted to work on with him.

Working with Dr. Albrecht is like an ongoing pep talk peppered with enlightening flashes of learning. He treated me like an equal and rarely took credit for the things he did for me. For instance, we decided that my name should appear as the lead author in the article we published.

All along the way he spent time:

  • explaining how the research process works
  • guiding me and my student peers through how
  • to cite authors correctly
  • teaching us how to use research tools such as surveys and coding.

He also spent time and money drinking hot cocoa with us and discussing our futures.

Dr. Albrecht has a contagious enthusiasm for learning, and never made us feel we were wasting his time.

I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Albrecht, for your time.