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Huntsman Marketing Team Climbs Summit

April  2015

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By Sheii Lindley

summit team

We each have a few defining moments in our lives; moments that shape and change us in ways we can’t predict or quantify. The Marketing Analytics Summit created one of those defining moments for my team and I. We spent the last month working long hours analyzing data, pushing ourselves to the limit, and stretching our minds to new bounds as we prepared our strategy and presentation for the summit. We learned more in that time then we ever had in our cumulative years of undergraduate education. We were able to pull concepts and frameworks from our various courses and experiences and apply them to a real business case, testing our ability to strategize on a far higher level.

As we took the long flight out to North Carolina we were filled with nervous energy and excitement, hoping that we would be able to compete on par with the top business schools in the nation. The Summit began with a bang, starting early and ending late. We were able to mingle with both the undergraduate and MBA teams, making new connections and building relationships. We were amazed at the kindness the other teams and Summit staff showed us and were happy to know that we would leave with a much larger network of colleagues and friends. We immediately felt welcome and were surrounded by an atmosphere of collaboration and learning.

The presentations themselves were quite intimidating, but left us feeling confident in our ability to compete on a global stage. Although we did not make it to the final round, we were able to glean an incredible amount of insight from observing and connecting with the teams that did. In addition to watching the undergraduate and MBA presentations, we were able to take part in breakout sessions and keynote presentations highlighting research from all over the world. These incredible speeches filled us in on the latest in marketing analytics from the mouths of industry experts.

We left on a high note, taking home the win for undergraduate fan favorite, thanks to the overwhelming support of our friends, family, and the Aggie Nation. Regardless of the awards we left with, the experience was well worth the work we put in and more. It was a defining moment. A moment in which we realized we were capable of more than we had ever imagined. Our confidence in ourselves and the education we had received at USU was strengthened and we gained the knowledge and direction we needed to improve ourselves and our future teams in order to achieve greatness going forward.

The Wake Forest University School of Business Marketing Summit is a student led competition focusing on real-world marketing solutions. Teams initially compete in a rigorous pre-summit case application process for entry to the semi-final rounds held at Wake Forest University. The final competition case is sent a week before The Marketing Summit giving teams the opportunity to prepare their case strategy solutions and presentations. This year for the first time The Marketing Summit partnered with Inmar, a global technology company that operates intelligent commerce networks, headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The final rounds of the Summit were integrated into the annual Inmar Analytics Forum; a 3-day conference featuring multiple industry experts and executives sharing their knowledge and insights regarding Big Data and business. The students were given the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the Inmar Analytics Forum.

This year The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business applied and achieved entry into the semi-final rounds of The Marketing Summit at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The team consisted of six Huntsman students from various disciplines including economics, marketing, accounting, and business administration. The team members included Trevor Gonzales, Emily Munk, Kyle Spackman, Dan Meszaros, Chris Vaughan, and Sheii Lindley. They competed against a number of undergraduate teams from prestigious schools such as University of Pennsylvania, Universidad Panamericana, University of Maryland, Wake Forest University, and Yale University. They were also able to observe and connect with the MBA competitors including teams from Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, Michigan State University, Purdue University, University of Chicago, University of Southern California, Wake Forest University, and Yale University.

For more information regarding The Wake Forest University School of Business Marketing Summit or the teams that competed please visit: