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Huntsman Students in Dubai

April  2015

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Huntsman Students in Dubai

Seven Huntsman students were invited to the Insight Dubai Women’s Conference in the United Arab Emirates. One of those students, Wendy Bosshardt, Marketing and Psychology, ’15, attended the conference last year and was one of only four students worldwide to be invited back to be an international facilitator for the conference.

“I am excited and honored to be a part of such a prestigious and life-changing opportunity,” Wendy said. “This conference gives such an insight into women across many cultures and how we all play a part in the global marketplace.”

Wendy was chosen because of the leadership and international experiences she has had at the Huntsman School. In addition to being the president of the business honors program, Huntsman Scholars, Wendy also participates in many clubs and organizations around campus and has traveled to 18 countries during her time as a student. As an international facilitator, she oversaw 15 international students attending the conference and led group discussions and projects.

Two other students, Viviane Baji, Economics ’16, and Shelley Jones, International Business and Economics, ’17, took advantage of the conference to further their academic research. Their project was to find what women from around the world value in careers and how that translates into their choices of college majors.

“There’s a lot of research on why students choose a certain university, but we wanted to go more in depth,” Viviane said. “By taking a knowledge-based approach to marketing to these groups, we hope to not only have more success with recruiting more diverse students but also better understand what they value.”

The duo interviewed nearly 80 women from 30 countries, all focused on business.

The findings will be shared with USU and Huntsman School recruiting teams, and both students may look to use it as their honor’s theses as well.