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Huntsman Scholar Program - Alumni Giving

June  2015

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We appreciate the generosity of Huntsman Scholar alumni and friends who help keep the program moving forward. This list is in recognition of individuals/companies and their cumulative giving to the Huntsman Scholar Program.


Jon M. and Karen Huntsman Family Foundation

$100 - $999

Andrew and Luci Arveseth (2010 Scholars)
Wendy Bosshardt (2013 Scholar)
Steven Espinosa (2011 Scholar)
Eric Levesque (2011 Scholar)
Erin Kelley Mann (2011 Scholar)
The McGraw Hill Companies
Brent Meacham (2010 Scholar)
Paul Rossiter (2009 Scholar)
Jacob Peterson (2011 Scholar)

$99 and below

Jill Aoki (2010 Scholar)
Ace Beorchia (2012 Scholar)
JD Borg (2014 Scholar)
Crystal Kay Call (2011 Scholar)
Becky Drebin (2011 Scholar)
Dallin Maxfield (2012 Scholar)
Sterling and Kendra Morris (2009 Scholar)
Carlie Morrison Greer (2011 Scholar)
Jesse and Ashley Randall (2008 Scholar)
Amber Shaffer (2011 Scholar)


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