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Accounting Student Named Valedictorian

Accounting Student Named ValedictorianThe Jon M. Huntsman School of Business named accounting student, Dillon Pierson, it’s 2017-2018 valedictorian. Dillon completed both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting with a 4.0 GPA. During his commencement speech, Dillon encouraged graduates to pursue their goals mightily and to continue to “Dare Mighty Things”. Dillon will begin his career wi…


Huntsman Finance Team Wins CFA State Competition

Three students from the Huntsman School of Business won the in-state competition for the CFA Institute Research Challenge. Seniors Scott Saunders, Brett Dommer, and Bretton Ashcroft represented Utah State University at the competition in Salt Lake City, competing against teams from around the state. This was the first time an Aggie team won the competition. “We came in wanting to win, but since no…


We Become Too Attached to Our Own Brilliance

“You may have not learned how to learn,” said Steve Daley, President of Market-Based Management, to students about lifelong learning at a recent Focused Fridays Leadership Forum at the Huntsman School of Business.

Can Positive Office Relationships have Negative Effects?

New research by Utah State University Huntsman School of Business Professor Julena Bonner finds that when employees have a good relationship with their supervisor, they are more likely to model the supervisors’ morally questionable behaviors.

Huntsman Students Take Top Awards

This year marked the 60th anniversary of the esteemed Robins Awards at Utah State University. At the award ceremony, the most coveted and prestigious of all university honors are given to students, faculty, and staff for outstanding dedication and hard work to individual as well as program achievements.


Management Minute & More: Swimming in the Toxic Waste of Fear

Just going to work was so stressful for David that he dreaded mornings and Mondays. He worked in an underperforming healthcare company where an insecure boss belittled people in public, and back-biting employees blamed each other for team failures. Swimming in this corporate culture of toxic fear, he wondered which he would lose first - his job, his professional reputation or his sanity.


Dr. Michael Glauser Featured in the Washington Post on Why Startups Succeed in Small Cities

Excerpt from Washington Post – “I have seen tremendous support for small-town businesses from local leaders, schools and residents…One small business owner I know has a store in a small town and one in a large town. He gets far more support and stronger sales in his small-town operation. People want him to succeed and stick around.”


The Online MBA Checklist: How to Pick the Winning Business School in Utah

How to Pick the Winning Business School in UtahAccording to the Financial Times, 2017 marked the highest salary increase in a decade for MBA graduates three years after their return in the workplace, and global average salary increase numbers are holding strong in 2018, where almost two-thirds of alumni cohorts more than doubled their salaries.


Carrying a Culture: Huntsman Entrepreneur Brings Guatemala Home with Hand-woven Wallets

Andy Thunell’s eyes gleamed with passion as he recounted his recent visit back to Guatemala. During that visit, Thunell was approached by a mother and her 3-year-old daughter, who had just finished her very first weave. The little girl proudly held up the art piece for Thunell to see.


Beta Alpha Psi Achieves Top Status Again

The Delta Omega Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi earned the “Superior Chapter” award for the 39th consecutive year – longer than any other chapter in the nation. They are well on their way to celebrating 40 consecutive years of earning the “Superior Chapter” award at the end of the 2017-2018 academic year. We are excited about this outstanding organization and the opportunities it provides for our studen…

Professor Aaron Brough Featured on NPR and Scientific American

Excerpt from NPR – “The main takeaway from this study is that there's a widespread stereotype that people hold, both men and women, that eco-friendly behaviors are feminine. And because of that, men are sometimes reluctant to go green because they want to maintain their gender identity. And what we've found is that this reluctance that men have to go green can be overcome by either affirming their…


Business Class Upgrade: Utah State Magazine Spring 2018

10 years ago, the view outside of Douglas D. Anderson’s muted wood-paneled ground-floor office was anything but memorable, especially compared to the bright space he now occupies overlooking snow-capped Cache Valley.


DA Davidson Rewards Students for Fantastic Performance

Finance students are taught many details about smart and strategic investing. However, they rarely have a chance to test and apply their knowledge in a real-world situation with high stakes while still being in a classroom setting. DA Davidson, a regional financial services firm with 89 offices in 24 states, believes that college students should have the opportunity to have more of a hands-on exp…

Huntsman School Extends Global Accreditation

Through a peer-reviewed accountability process, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) announced that the Jon M. Huntsman School has extended its global accreditation in business and accounting. AACSB acknowledged the Huntsman School in a recent release of 40 business schools that have recently completed the accreditation process.

Huntsman Scholars Help High School Students

The inaugural Huntsman Scholar Leadership Lab didn't take place on campus in Logan. Instead, 50 Huntsman Scholars traveled 430 miles south to Whitehorse High School in San Juan County, Utah. The goal was to introduce the high school students to the myriad educational opportunities available to them. Many students at Whitehorse come from the Navajo Nation, where many do not have access to running w…


My Huntsman Experience

When I entered the Huntsman School of Business in the spring of 2015, a then graduating senior named Steve Clark told me of his experience in beginning a great career with Koch Industries. He assured me that as long as I worked hard the faculty and staff in the Huntsman School would help me accomplish my career goals. Now as I prepare for graduation, I’ve seen the fruition of that promise.

Alumni Awards

Following an icon like Larry H. Miller as CEO of the company that bears his name can be intimidating, but then again Clark Whitworth, this year’s Distinguished Executive Alumnus, had a good teacher— Larry Miller.

Conducting Academic Research

This summer I had the opportunity to attend the Business of Teaching Conference and conduct research with a group of students and professors in Iceland and Denmark. Although I am not a professor, I was drawn to this conference because I wanted to be exposed to unique perspectives about unfamiliar fields of study and present research to an international body.

Student Achieves New York Dream

With the Manhattan skyline plastered across her bedroom walls, Hadley Sargent’s sights were always set on a career under the bright city lights. And this Spring, when she graduates with a dual major in marketing and business administration, she’ll pack her bags for a job with Goldman Sachs at their corporate headquarters in New York City.

Marketing Students Help Community

Students from the Huntsman Marketing Association student club helped local businesses improve their online presence during their fall semester service project. The students delivered new websites, built to the specific needs of the business, and tutored their clients on how to best manage their new websites for maximum results.


10th Anniversary Celebration: Paul Huntsman Talks about father’s legacy

On November 30, 2017, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the naming of the USU College of Business as the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. Paul Huntsman, publisher of the Salt Lake Tribune, and son of Jon and Karen Huntsman, spoke to students, faculty, and staff about his father’s legacy. We symbolically opened the Huntsman Library, celebrating the life of Jon Huntsman, following Paul Huntsm…