Huntsman Post - July 2016
Huntsman Post - July 2016

It’s difficult to believe, in the middle of a beautiful and languid Logan summer, that fall semester is just a few weeks away. But in the meanwhile, our faculty, staff, and students are enjoying the Independence Day and Pioneer Day celebrations.

This month, The Huntsman Post features news of the cross-country tour by Dr. Mike Glauser, the Executive Director of our Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship. Mike’s new book, Main Street Entrepreneur, explores the lives and careers people have fashioned by following their entrepreneurial spirit.

One of our recent graduates, Dillon Jones, and our Master of Human Resources (MHR) Program, have each been recognized nationally. Dillon was one of just seven people selected for the prestigious Postgraduate Technical Assistant Program through the Financial Accounting Standards Board. He will spend a year furthering his knowledge and understanding of the accounting profession.

Our MHR Program was recognized as a top 20 graduate HR program, a testament to the hard work by our outstanding faculty, and the collaborative relationships they have fostered between students and recruiters.

I am amazed and humbled by the continuing, incredible achievements by members of the Huntsman School community.


Douglas D. Anderson Dean & Professor
MAcc Graduate Succeeds
Entrepreneur Book Tour
National MHR Ranking