Huntsman Post - June 2015
Huntsman Post - June 2015

The record-setting rains in May have turned Cache Valley as green as I can remember. But summer is here, as most readily seen through empty parking lots on campus.

Our Huntsman Post this month brings news from a student and an alumnus. Grant Holyoak, a double major in Economics and Sociology, was one of eight students selected to present at Ignite, the culminating event of our annual USU Research Week. This event is a mini-TED in many ways. Grant’s topic was US immigration policy, and I think regardless of your position on this issue, you will find Grant’s passion for his research and for the impact of this policy on people he came to know and love to be inspirational.

Like Grant, USU alumnus and Huntsman School National Advisory Board member Paul Parkinson saw a problem and acted to help solve it. In his case, the problem he saw was a culture of selfishness, especially as promoted through media. Paul saw an opportunity to counter selfishness when he became aware of a book called Selfish that was going to be published by a celebrity. And so he set about creating a book called Unselfish, a book of 99 vignettes of unselfish acts. Both books were published on the same day last month, and Paul has received attention from national media outlets.

Our video this month features Lendel Jeppesen, a 2015 Huntsman Marketing graduate who received nine job offers by taking advantage of all of the opportunities provided by the school.

We are proud of Grant, Lendel, and Paul for their ethical leadership, and for daring mighty things.

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