Huntsman Post - June 2014
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Huntsman Post - June 2014
June 2014 Issue
USU research Sheds Ligh on Firing at NYTimes

USU Research Sheds Light on Firing at NYTimes

Dr. Christy Glass and Dr. Alison Cook

Our research on CEOs in the Fortune 500 finds that women leaders face two significant challenges: the “glass cliff” and the “savior effect”. First, we find that women are more likely than men to be appointed CEO to struggling firms or firms in crisis. This phenomenon is termed the “glass cliff” because it suggests that when women are appointed to top positi…
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Huntsman Professor Bikes Across America

Huntsman Professor Bikes Across America

Dr. Mike Glauser and Students

Dr. Mike Glauser, director of Clark Center for Entrepreneurship, and his team are heading out on the cross-country bicycle trip of lifetime to tell the story of small-business owners all along Main Street USA.
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'Grouping' Research Featured on KSL

"Grouping" Research Featured on KSL

Professor Aaron Brough

Professor Aaron Brough’s research on financial predictions, specifically around grouping, recently received attention in local outlets such as KSL and national outlets such as Forbes. In his interview on the Deseret News National Edition, Dr. Brough related how grouping items together for better financial rationale can influence major business decisions all…
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