Huntsman Post - July 2013
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Sin Taxes

John Stossel Interviews Dr. Thomas About "Sin Taxes"

John Stossel questioned Prof. Thomas on sin taxes.

John Stossel interviewed Michael Thomas on the Fox Business network show "Stossel," asking him about research he has done with William F. Shughart II, on "sin taxes." Dr. Thomas said such taxes can have unintended consequences, such as creating black markets.



Business Intelligence Group Taps Into Big Data, Better Jobs

Huntsman students learn to mine "big data."

With the news that the National Security Agency has been sifting through massive amounts of phone data to try to thwart potential terrorist plots, more people are becoming aware of a term frequently being used in the IT industry – "big data."



Unique MSHR Program Has Excellent Placement Rate

Steve Hanks is director of the MSHR program.

Steve Hanks, director of the master of science in human resources program, reports that the unique program has an excellent placement rate. He describes how Huntsman MSHR grads, who often get an MBA at the same time, have a competitive edge in the job market.


The Changing Workplace

Good Communication is Key With Telecommuting

UPR program featured work-life balance issues.

Professors Kathy Chudoba and Merideth Thompson were interviewed about telecommuting and work-life balance on "Access Utah" on Utah Public Radio. Click here for the full program, or click below to hear an edited version of it.

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