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Huntsman Alumni Magazine - Winter 2018

Recent Huntsman Faculty Publications in Key Academic Journals

Benjamin M. Blau
Economics & Finance

Blau, B. Economic Freedom and Crashes in Financial Markets. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions, and Money.

Benjamin M. Blau, Tyler J. Brough
Economics & Finance

Blau, B., Brough, T. J., & Griffith, T. Bank Opacity and the Efficiency of Stock Prices. Journal of Banking and Finance.

Julena Bonner

Bonner, J. M., Greenbaum, R. L., & Quade, M. J. Employee unethical behavior to shame as an indicator of self-image threat and exemplification as a form of self-image protection: The exacerbating role of supervisor bottom-line mentality. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Greenbaum, R. L., Mawritz, M. B., Bonner, J. M., Webster, B. D., & Kim, J.

Supervisor expediency to employee expediency: The moderating role of leader–member exchange and the mediating role of employee unethical tolerance. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Alison Cook

Glass, C. M., & Cook, A. Do Women Leaders Promote Change? Analyzing the Effect of Gender on Business Practices and Diversity Initiatives. Human Resource Management.

Cook, A., & Glass, C. M. Women on Corporate Boards: When do they Advance Corporate Social Responsibility? Human Relations.

Magno J. De Souza Queiroz
Management Information Systems

Queiroz, M. Mixed Results in Strategic IT Alignment Research: A Synthesis and Empirical Study. European Journal of Information Systems.

Queiroz, M., Tallon, P., Sharma, R., & Coltman, T. The Role of IT Application Orchestration Capability in Improving Agility and Performance. Journal of Strategic Information Systems.

Briggs B. Depew
Economics and Finance

Depew, B., Norlander, P., & Sørensen, T. A. Inter-firm mobility and return migration patterns of skilled guest workers. Journal of Population Economics.

Devon K. Erickson
School of Accountancy

Erickson, D., Hewitt, M., & Maines, L. A. Do investors perceive low risk when earnings are smooth relative to the volatility of operating cash flows? Discerning opportunity and incentive to report smooth earnings. The Accounting Review.

Robert J. Mills, Jeffrey J. Johnson
Management Information Systems
Christopher Fawson
Economics & Finance

Harris, M. E., Mills, R. J., Fawson, C., & Johnson, J. J. Examining the Impact of Training in the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology. Journal of Computer Information Systems.

John P. Gilbert
Economics & Finance

Oladi, R., Caplan, A. J., & Gilbert, J. P. Sequestration, A Global Carbon Permit Market, and International Trade. Resource and Energy Economics.

Vijay R. Kannan

M.S.S. Jajja, V.R. Kannan, S.A. Brah, S.Z. Hassan, Linkages between Firm Innovation Strategy, Suppliers, Product Innovation Strategy, and Business Performance: Insights from the Resource Dependent View of the Firm, International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

Robert J. Mills, Tanya Y. Beaulieu, John D. Johnson
Management Information Systems

Mills, R. J., Beaulieu, T., & Johnson, J. Examining Micro-Level (SQL) Curriculum-Oriented and Promotional IS Enrollment Strategies. Journal of Computer Information Systems.

Kari J. Olsen
School of Accountancy

Judd, J. S., Olsen, K., & Stekelberg, J. (in press). How do Auditors Respond to CEO Narcissism? Evidence from External Audit Fees. Accounting Horizons.

Jason M. Smith
Economics & Finance

Shah, A., Shah, H. A., Smith, J., & Labianca, G. Judicial Efficiency and Capital Structure: An International Study. Journal of Corporate Finance.