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Huntsman Alumni Magazine - Spring 2016

My Favorite Professors

John Ferguson, Ben Blau and Trevor Sean OlsenBy Trevor Sean Olsen, Finance, ’16
USU Student Body President

The Jon M Huntsman School of Business has given me the opportunity to rub shoulders with incredible professors, mentors, and friends. As I consider my time at the Huntsman School, there are so many professors I would like to thank, like Craig Petersen, Paul Fjeldsted, Ronda Callister, Vijay Kannan, Frank Shuman, and Strat Roper. There are two who really stand out as having made a huge impact on my education and my life.

John Ferguson taught my Business and Society course and my International Business Law course. Through both of those courses I learned a lot about myself and my personal beliefs and morals. He facilitated discussions that helped me learn to be open-minded to others’ points-of-view. This gave me the opportunity to really decide what I think and how I would deal with difficult, ethical situations. He shaped the way I think, the way I solve problems, and the way I lead. Professor Ferguson shaped my ability to think critically more than any one person in my life. Beyond that, I always felt like he cared, not just about my success in the classroom, but outside as well. He reached out to help while I was in his class and he has helped me many times since. Also, he convinced me out of law school without knowing it, which I think he would be proud of.

When I wasn’t satisfied with the major I was in, I ended up in Professor Ben Blau’s International Finance Class. I would have never guessed that I enjoy finance, but I do. At the beginning of every class he would pull up news articles that related to things we were learning and was able to explain to us, using current examples, how it applied in the real world. It got me really engaged and excited about finance and to this day I still get excited about finance. If it wasn’t for Professor Blau, I would still be a lost college student wanting something more fulfilling.

I’m grateful for my time in the Huntsman School, and especially for the opportunity I have had to learn from the intelligent, humble, and caring faculty. My education and my life has been greatly enriched because of them.