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Huntsman Alumni Magazine - Spring 2016

My Huntsman Experience

Preston NaegleBy Preston Naegle,
Accounting, Finance & Economics, ‘16;
Scholar of the Year

My experience in the Huntsman School of Business has been transformative. I came to college thinking I would pick a major, finish school quickly, and start my career. I never expected to discover the entire world at my fingertips in Logan, but the Huntsman School provides its students with countless opportunities to do just that. I am extremely grateful to have been involved in numerous service projects, traveled throughout the world, and interacted with business and government leaders. These opportunities have helped me to recognize the positive impact that I can make on the world. As Jon Huntsman said, “Wealth isn’t always measured in dollar signs. We each have time, talent and creativity, all of which can be powerful forces for positive change.” I remember sitting in a humble home in Trujillo, Peru, asking a hopeful entrepreneur about his business plans and thinking, “THIS is what business is about; helping people.” I will never forget the experiences like this that have changed me as a person and expanded my vision to truly “Dare Mighty Things.”

The friendships I developed with my fellow Huntsman students are priceless. I interacted with some of the brightest and most humble students, each of whom challenged me to study harder and serve more in the community. As I look to graduation, I am inspired to look beyond myself for opportunities to be a service-oriented leader in life after USU.

My professors in the Huntsman School had a profound effect on how I analytically evaluate the world around me. During the Huntsman Scholar semester, Professors Shannon Peterson and John Ferguson challenged me to question all of my assumptions. One assumption that I questioned was the idea that businesses are only responsible for maximizing profit for shareholders. Upon further investigation, I quickly realized that this is not a “one size fits all” solution and that businesses have many other stakeholders that are impacted by their decisions. This challenge humbled me and made me realize how much I did not know. I can directly attribute my desire to be a lifelong learner to that experience.

My experience in the Huntsman School of Business has been much more than I could have ever hoped for. I am grateful for everything that the school has done for me, and I am excited for the opportunity to help current and future students have a similar experience.