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Huntsman Business - 2020 Issue

Heard at Huntsman

Jon M. Huntsman Jr.

Jon M. Huntsman Jr.

“Opportunity is risk. Think big, make it happen. Without risk, there is no reward. Don’t shy away from risk.” 

View Utah and the World
A Conversation with Jon M. Huntsman Jr.

Dustin Jones

Dustin Jones’05, CEO,
Unified Commerce Group
• • • • • •
"Remember that the short term is not your long term."

View Alumni Panel
Featuring Dustin Jones

Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts’03, EVP & CFO, 
Savage Services
• • • • • •
"Constantly learning about things you don’t know is an excellent way to own your career."

View Power Up
Featuring Jeff Roberts

Sara Dent

Sarah Dent ’20, Senior Media Strategist, ICON Health & Fitness
• • • • • •
“Find something you’re afraid of doing, and then do it.”

View She's Daring Might Things
Summit Featuring Sara Dent

Brady Murray

Brady Murray

’05, President & General Agent, Capstone Partners Utah

“Everything good that has happened to me, professionally and personally, is because I have followed what I feel in my heart, even when it doesn’t seem logical.” 

View Entrepreneur Leadership Series
Featuring Brady Murray

Amy Venezia

Amy VeneziaDirector of Employee Development, North American Plastics
• • • • • •
"Make the best of this time. Life is about resiliency, and being positive, and making the best of everything."

View Backpack to Breifcase
Featuring Amy Venezia

Theresa Foxley

Theresa Foxley04, CEO, EDCUtah
• • • • • •
"Be relentless 
in adding value, and be flexible."

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Featuring Theresa Foxley

Davis Smith

Davis SmithCEO, Cotopaxi
• • • • • •
"When you educate a girl, you educate a mother, and when you educate a mother you educate communities."

View Entrepreneur Leadership
Series Featuring Davis Smith

Amanda Butterfield

Amanda Butterfield

’00, PR Director, Woodbury Corporation

“Your greatest experiences come when you’re at the bottom and you have to decide if you’re going to keep fighting.” 

View Leadership Forum
Featuring Amanda Butterfield

Fall 2020 Leadership Forum Events

Who knew that staying at home could be your ticket to all our Focused Fridays events? The last several months have taught us about the opportunity to connect with our Huntsman community wherever they may be. We’ve continued producing quality Focused Fridays events that offer career advice and inspiring stories.
It’s all online, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
• • •
Sep. 11 - A Conversation on Leadership
Dean Douglas D. Anderson and Associate Dean Dave Patel

• • •
Sep. 18 - She's Daring Mighty Things
3rd annual event featuring Amy Rees Anderson, Sara Dent Merrill, and Dr. Susan Madsen
• • •
Sep. 25 - Huntsman Career Expo
500+ students, 50+ corporate partners, all virtual
• • •
Oct. 2 - Dr. Teppo Felin
Professor of Strategy, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
• • •
Oct. 9 - Kurt Larsen
2020 Distinguished Executive Alumnus 
• • •
Oct. 16 - Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership Imperative
Covey Center leadership panel including Lord Dr. Michael Hastings, Anne Chow, Boyd Craig, Sandra Ojiambo, and James Manyika
• • •
Oct. 30 - Heidi Melin
Chief Marketing Officer, Workfront