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Huntsman Business - 2019 Issue

Inspiring our students. Changing our world.

Huntsman Leadership Forum

Visitors from across the globe join the Huntsman Community every Friday for conversations about life, learning from failure, sharing in success, and finding happiness.

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Amy Rees Anderson
“I was a recently divorced 23-year-old single mom when I started my first company out of my 10 x 10 room in my house with $23,000 that I raised from an uncle and my dad. That’s how I got my start. Super scary! I just wanted to feed my kids. I wanted to be their mom.” 

Amy Rees Anderson, on overcoming fear

“Surround yourself with people that support what matters most to you, and then in return find people that you can support in what matters most to them.” 

Danielle Nielson, on creating value
Danielle Nielson

Charlie Denson
“My first exposure to the world of business was at the age of 12 as the head warehouse maintenance director at my family’s feed and seed store. What that really meant was my dad telling me to sweep the warehouse every morning. What did I learn? I learned about profit and loss, customer service, all the real basics of running a business. I used a lot of those learnings when I was running that $23 billion enterprise at Nike.”
Charlie Denson, on his first job

“You better get on the rocket ship because the rocket ship is taking off.”

Kortney Osborne, Qualtrics, talking about the pace of change
Kortney Osborne

Scott Watterson
“ 1. Surround yourself with optimistic people.
   2. Fill your life, your soul, your being and your home with gratitude.
   3. Practice. 
   4. Run a highlight reel of yourself each morning.”
Scott Watterson, co-founder and chairman, ICON Fitness, on advice for budding entrepreneurs

“We should not fear anything that comes before us. We should take the courage to step into that space and use the talents and ability that we have and take the opportunity to develop who we are and what we can become.” 
Gail Miller, on courage as a foundational quality
Gail Miller

Karith Foster
“We’re human beings who are worthy of love, acceptance and respect. Let’s start from that platform first.”

Karith Foster, on accepting differences