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Huntsman Business - Fall 2018

How I'm Building Huntsman

Crystal Maggelet

Chairman & CEO, FJ Management, Inc., Huntsman School National Advisory Board Memeber, USU Board of Trustees

I grew up in Brigham City, and can still remember coming to Logan to start school. I got involved with the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and student government, and had a great time at Utah State, and I’ve always felt that USU offers so many great opportunities to students. So even though I ended up graduating from Pepperdine University, my time at USU was a really formative experience. I feel strongly about preparing students for life beyond college because we believe it’s really important to hire quality students. We wanted to help with the creation of a career center because we knew it would be a launching pad for a lot of students and a lot of careers, and I hope some will be at FJ Management.

Crystal MaggeletI have served on the Huntsman School National Advisory Board and currently serve as a Trustee of Utah State University. This service has provided wonderful opportunities to interact with faculty and staff and the incredible students at USU. My husband Chuck and I support the Huntsman School and Utah State because we believe Utah State students are grounded. They have great values. They have been given a great education. They are extremely hard workers and have a lot of integrity and honesty, which I really appreciate.

Students should follow their dreams. You don’t always know exactly what your dream is. The best you can do is work hard, study hard, and when opportunities come your way, take those opportunities even though they may scare you.

Every one of us has the power to help Build Huntsman and propel us forward in our journey to the top-tier. It’s as simple as:

  • Find future Aggies
  • Speak in a class
  • Mentor students
  • Host students
  • Hire Aggies
  • Make a gift

Visit to get involved and help Build Huntsman for the next generation of Aggies.