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Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2013

Breaking Ground on Huntsman Hall

Utah State University President Stan L. Albrecht and Huntsman School Dean Douglas D. Anderson, flanked by donors including Jon and Karen Huntsman, broke ground on Huntsman Hall on August 26, 2013. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends all participated in the ceremony. Huntsman Hall was funded through a public-private partnership, with one-third of the funds coming from the State of Utah and two-thirds from the generosity of alumni and friends.

jonjeffJon M. Huntsman, Sr., who has done so much for Utah State University, provided the lead gift for the building. “We are so honored to be a part of this great university. Every time we meet these students and hear of their experiences and envision the leadership they will provide for our community, our nation and the world, we know that our future in the hands of these great young people is very bright,” said Mr. Huntsman.

The Huntsman School of Business, the nation’s second oldest business school west of the Mississippi River, has operated out of the George S. Eccles Business Building since 1970. This iconic building, designed for an enrollment of 1,000 students, strains to serve a population of over 2,000 business students.The new 117,000 square-foot facility will add 21 new case-study classrooms and 21 new student meeting rooms as well as administrative and programming space. An extensive programming review, conducted in collaboration with students, faculty, staff, and alumni, clarified the need for technology-infused collaborative spaces where group learning, in physical and virtual teams, could take place. A small team, including the dean, also benchmarked several new business school buildings around the country. “First and foremost, we wanted to create a space that is student-centered, that takes into account how learning takes place in a classroom and how work takes place around the world,” stated Dean Anderson, “and we wanted to create a space that stands for our aspiration – excellence in all we do.” Huntsman Hall, together with the Eccles Building, will enable future generations of Aggies to learn in an environment of collaboration, whether with colleagues sitting next to them or sitting thousands of miles away. The addition of new space will also enable business courses to be taught in the two business buildings, closer to business faculty, rather than being taught wherever space was available throughout the campus. The building is scheduled for completion in late summer 2015, and available for use for Fall semester 2015.

breakingGary Stevenson '79, Doug Fiefia '13, Jeffrey D. Clark '82, Karen Huntsman, Jon M. Huntsman Sr.,
President Stan L. Albrecht, Dean Douglas D. Anderson, Provost Noelle Cockett

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