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Student Spotlight: Steven Espinoza is Prioritizing to Prosperity.

Steve is making edits

By Klydi Heywood

No one needs to lecture Steven Espinoza about getting his priorities straight.

It's clear that this is one student who really "owns"  his education. Dating, for example, takes a back seat to his focus on earning top grades. Steven says that there are three S’s to college: studies, social life, and sleep.

“And if you want to be successful in one, you have to give up something somewhere else,” he said.

Steven Espinoza Jumping

Steven Espinoza channels his enthusiasm and a dose of humor into his work.

At the age of 21, Steven started his first business where he worked as a distributor for an indoor air-quality system called Filt-Air Solutions. After two years of working more than 80 hours a week to keep his business afloat, Steven sold the business to take advantage of a better opportunity. In 2006 he started a promotional and specialty marketing business called Unlimited Impressions.

After a number of years in the work force, Steven decided it was time to go to school.

“I didn’t come to get a degree,” he said. “I just love learning.”

Steven is a senior, majoring in marketing and entrepreneurship with a minor in international business.

A typical day for Steven starts early and ends late. Steven is now taking 20 credits, earning straight As, working as an undergraduate teaching fellow for two classes, and contributing as a Huntsman Scholar. He also serves as the campus representative for HELP International, is president of the Huntsman Business Council, and president of the events team for the Entrepreneurship Club.

“I go to class to learn, not to just earn an A,” Steven said.

He explained that he takes classes from professors whose approach fits his learning style. He also studies the material, not only for himself but in preparation to teach it to others. He believes that if he learns the concepts with the intention of teaching them to others, he will be able to retain the information better.

“I enjoy helping others improve," Steven said. "It drives me."

But having scholarly and professional success doesn’t come easy. Steven relies on a calendar to organize every minute of his day, literally. He feels that crossing tasks off of his “to do” list gives him a sense of accomplishment that keeps him going.

Steven said he also believes that having long-term as well as short-term goals keeps him focused.

“I’ll work my tail off so that I can take Thanksgiving break off,” he said. “I build up and then detox.”

Steven states that all students have the choice to prioritize their lives better to accomplish more. To develop that kind of focus, he suggests evaluating where you are and figuring out what you are willing to sacrifice to reach your goals.

“What I love about Steven is that when he commits, in or out of the classroom, he commits completely,” said Stacey Hills, co-director of the Huntsman Scholars program. “He sets high standards for himself, and is sincerely focused on motivating and helping his fellow students how ever he can.”

Steven’s future plans include earning an MBA at the Harvard School of Business and becoming a successful entrepreneur. He has recently been accepted as the HELP International country director for next year in Fiji. There he will be spending 3 1/2 months in the summer with another country director managing and working with approximately 25 volunteers. HELP international is a nonprofit organization that works with various local community groups to solve environmental and social problems in eight developing countries.

“Steven is an excellent student and I am very excited to follow his career,” assistant professor in management Daniel Holland said. “I have no doubt that he will make the Huntsman School proud.”