Huntsman Post

New MBA Students Put to Work in a Cemetery

Dustin Coleman was one of dozens of students who participated in the MBA service project on Aug. 28.
Photo by Konrad Lee

By Allie Jeppson

New MBA students arriving on campus this fall were sent off to pick up trash around campus or to do service work in a cemetery. It was all part of a "boot camp" where students were asked to perform service as part of their orientation.

For the service project, 58 students were divided into two groups, one of which painted the cemetery fence and the other that cleaned up USU campus by picking up trash.  The activities were aimed at helping MBA students to learn about the program, about themselves, and about working together as a team, said MBA Program Director Konrad Lee.

“We want the students to learn that business is more than making money; it’s also about building relationships and helping the community,” Mr. Lee said. “You don’t think of painting fences as part of a graduate program … but the Huntsman School is about ethics, leadership, and service.”

Student feedback about the projects was extremely positive, and many students said that from now on, whenever they pass by the cemetery fence, they will be reminded of the good they have done and feel a sense of pride in it, Mr. Lee said.

The addition of the boot camp to the MBA program was part of a recent curriculum redesign. With the theme of “knowing, doing, being,” the curriculum is aimed at helping students go beyond just learning material to becoming people of integrity, Mr. Lee said.