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Researcher from the University of Chicago comes to Huntsman School of Business

By Klydi Heywood

Devon Gorry is also a professional bike racer

Devon Gorry took her first economics class at Dartmouth College simply because her brother majored in the subject. Having always had a passion for math and science, Dr. Gorry found she enjoyed the application of mathematical reasoning to real-world problems.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in economics at Darmouth, Dr. Gorry worked for a couple of years in Boston at an environmental consulting firm doing evaluations of various programs.

“Working there was a useful experience for me,” Dr. Gorry said. “I gained knowledge on how to do research better.”

But while working for the firm, Dr. Gorry said she wanted to direct her own research. That passion led her to graduate school at the University of Chicago, one of the top economic schools in the country.

It was there that Dr. Gorry said she found her true passion for research. She quickly became one of the top student researchers at the school. She enjoyed learning and researching what affects educational outcomes, why there are differences in those outcomes, and what factors influence educational attainment.

“Education has always been an important factor in my life,” Dr. Gorry said. “I think education can lead to great disparities in other outcomes and understanding that concept a little better has been the goal of my research.”

At the University of Chicago Dr. Gorry was a teaching assistant and lecturer for six classes in the economics department. In addition to her success in the classroom, Dr. Gorry was awarded the Institute of Education Sciences Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. This fellowship is very competitive and is only given to top scholars who skillfully apply state-of-the-art statistical methods and who create new approaches in response to problems in educational research.

Dr. Gorry also has a strong love for bike racing in her spare time and became a professional in 2010. She is part a professional woman’s cycling team called “NOW and Novartis.” The team races competitively, but also raises awareness by going around the country on tandem bikes with people who have multiple sclerosis.

“It’s been fulfilling for my athletic side, but also fulfilling on another level that we get to raise awareness for a good cause,” Dr. Gorry said.

Dr. Gorry is one of several new professors who will be joining the Huntsman School this fall.