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Dean's Message

At the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business we are grateful that the type of resolutions and goals we set at the beginning of the year aren’t of the usual New Year’s variety. We aren’t starting from scratch with a resolve to suddenly go in a new direction. For us, it will be a matter of finding ways to better stoke the fires of progress and refine our focus. At the Huntsman School of Business, it’s all about helping our students achieve their goals.

Dean Douglas D. Anderson

Photo by: Russ Dixon

For example, later this month we will be launching our Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, which will greatly enhance our efforts already underway to become a career accelerator for our students and an engine of economic growth for the state, nation, and world. The Center will continue to develop a host of new resources our students can use to create successful new companies.

We hope to hire several new faculty members in the next few months. Four or five will work within our Management Department, two or three within the School of Accountancy, and three new professors will work in the Economics and Finance Department. We feel we have a great team in place, and as we add to the mix more nationally-recognized researchers and accomplished teachers, we find the level of collaboration and innovation rises for all. It benefits our students and helps us raise our profile as an institution that is on its way to becoming a top-tier business school.

This semester we will be bringing in top speakers for our new weekly Lectures in Entrepreneurship series. You can read about them by clicking here, and we invite you all to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from top business leaders who have already found rewarding, successful vocational paths.

And of course, progress on our new building, the Huntsman Hall, continues, and we should have exciting news to share with you about that when the Huntsman Alumni Magazine comes out in April.

While we don’t have to start over at the first of the year, we will be investing renewed energy to keep up our momentum. It’s a great place to be, and we wouldn’t have come this far if it were not for the contributions of all of you. You have helped ensure that our progress was constant and our direction focused. We hope you will resolve to be part of our journey this year. While it’s great to look forward to the destination, we have discovered the journey itself is proving more than memorable.