Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2013

Judy Robinett Helps Women Entrepreneurs Succeed

Judy Robinett

Judy Robinett’s accomplishments are extensive, but her latest recognitions have been for her work with women entrepreneurs.
In a state where woman-owned companies represent just a fraction of the state’s overall business picture, Robinett works to connect women entrepreneurs with one another and with investors.

Robinett, ’83, M.S. labor economics, believes aversion to risk scares many women away from entrepreneurship. In a Salt Lake Tribune article by Jennifer Napier-Pearce, Robinett said, “This is something I’ve struggled with myself. It comes from lack of self-confidence and from not having a broad network. Women don’t network, they make friends. As an entrepreneur, you really need to believe that you can do it.”

An entrepreneur in her own right, Robinett’s experience includes stints as CEO of public and private companies, management positions at Fortune 500 companies, consultant, author, funding expert, and advisory board member.

What advice does Robinette give women? Accept and move forward from failure, power up with more self-confidence, ask for what you need and want, and understand that it’s all about relationships, connection and strategy.