Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2012

The Shingo Prize Develops Powerful New Business Tool Called SCOPE

Assessing the culture of an organization can be a tricky proposition.

The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, which has been part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business for 25 years, has developed an online cultural assessment tool designed to measure how well a firm is implementing The Shingo Prize standards.

The tool will allow the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence to demonstrate how an im­proved culture will result in better business results, according to Robert Miller, executive director of The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence.

“The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence has drawn from years of experience and is now develop­ing a powerful database that, for the first time, that will correlate organizational culture with business results,” Mr. Miller said.

The Shingo Cultural Online Performance Evaluation (SCOPE) tracks how principles are being applied by executives, managers, and associa­tions – in short, at all levels of the organization. The survey helps managers improve the consistency of their execution and performance by measuring and addressing specific factors surrounding ten guiding principles found in the Shingo model, Mr. Miller said. The Shingo model is a framework the organiza­tion uses to show how key operational excellence principles are interrelated.

The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence developed this method­ology to help organizations pursue operational excellence, Mr. Miller said. Annual SCOPE assessments will provide organizations with a more factual, behavior-based report card that will take the place of sub­jective company attitude surveys.

“Behaviors are the manifestation of culture and can be measured, analyzed, and changed,” Mr. Miller said. “The goal of the assessment is to identify actual behaviors versus ideal behaviors so it can become the basis for continuous improvement.”

In recent years, The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence has dramatically extended its global reach and is now often described as the “world standard” in the execution of business strategy, Mr. Miller said.