Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2012

New Faces: Nicole Forsgren Velasquez

A former Huntsman valedictorian, who is now teaching at Pepperdine University, has agreed to join the Huntsman School of Business in its Management Information Systems Department. N icole Forsgren Velasquez was Huntsman’s valedictorian in 2001, and she was also named the Robins Award Scholar of the Year, a Utah State University award given to one outstanding student each year.

Dr. Velasquez has since gone on to earn a master of accounting and a doctorate in management information systems from the University of Arizona, a university that has a top-five rated MIS program. She is now an assistant professor in the Business Division at Pepperdine University where she conducts research dealing with cost allocations, knowledge management, and IT impacts. She said she likes to collaborate with undergraduate students on research, something she intends to continue at USU.

She has been a featured speaker at industry and academic events. Dr. Velasquez has also drafted technical white papers, a patent, newsletter articles, and academic research papers.