Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2012

Deloitte Finds Value in Huntsman Graduates

In the United States, Deloitte, LLP, and its subsidiaries employ tens of thousands of profes­sionals. The firm has discovered that Huntsman graduates prove a good investment with more than 15 now employed in the company’s Salt Lake City office alone.

One of those students, Mike Mansfield, graduated with a master of accountancy from Utah State University in 2010 and joined Deloitte as an auditing associate.

“Deloitte recognizes that students from USU are not afraid to dive in and get to work,” Mike said. “They are also aware that the Huntsman School of Business prepares its students well and structures the accounting program to facilitate the success of its students.”

Chris Bradley, audit manager in the Salt Lake City office, compiled a list of reasons Huntsman students are often hired:

  1. Utah State University students know how to work.
  2. Utah State students have worked in real world situations and know how to apply the abstract concepts learned in their classes to actual transactions when they start at Deloitte.
  3. Utah State students are finishers – they know projects must be completed in a timely fashion, and they can be creative in determining how to close the loop on open issues.
  4. Utah State students know how to research issues and are willing to stand behind their conclusions.

Wes Yeomans, a senior audit manager with the firm, also had positive things to say about Huntsman graduates.

“I have worked with sharp people from several different Deloitte offices, and the USU grads we have hired stack up with anybody from the more widely known programs,” said Wes. “They are hardworking, dependable, and have a good attitude. We have always been impressed with the students at Utah State.”

That is all good news for Huntsman students, who seem to like working at Deloitte. They are not the only ones who like it there; Fortune and Bloomberg BusinessWeek consistently rank the firm among the best places to work.