Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Spring 2011

My Favorite Professor

By Michael Morrey

Before entering the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, I never thought of accounting as an interesting subject. In fact, I often fell into the trap of stereotyping accountants as boring, uninteresting people who write and match numbers all day.

For this reason, I always dreaded taking the accounting classes the school requires. This semester I decided to buckle down and take Accounting 2010 only with the intent to get it over with. Within the first couple weeks of the class, my perceptions of accounting began to change, and I soon found myself enjoying the subject. This was mostly due to the outstanding efforts of professor Jack Peterson.

Professor Peterson now serves as the chairman of the School of Accountancy Mission Committee, which came as no surprise to me because of his vast knowledge of the subject.

Being one of the most enthusiastic professors I have ever had, Professor Peterson immediately eased my concerns about what I thought would be a long, boring semester.

At first I found the subject to be difficult, but Professor Peterson’s clear explanations and hands-on teaching style allowed me to catch on quickly. I now feel very comfortable with accounting. When I ask questions, Professor Peterson takes the time to explain the material until I fully understand. He calls on each class member to participate in discussions to ensure that no person is left behind.

In addition to his impressive knowledge, Professor Peterson demonstrates a happy, outgoing personality that makes each class period entertaining. What impresses me most about Professor Peterson is his deep enthusiasm not only for accounting, but for life in general. Over time, he passed on his positive attitude to me. What at first felt like a boring subject, turned into a wonderful learning opportunity for me.

As time has passed, I have found that Professor Peterson is one of many outstanding instructors in the Huntsman School. To me, he represents a vast array of top-notch instructors found throughout the school who have motivated and inspired me.