Huntsman Alumni Magazine

Fall 2008

William and Billie Murray fund two Huntsman scholarships

When two of Bill and Billie Murray’s children graduated from college recently, the Murrays could have stopped paying tuition, but they didn’t.

“We thought, well, we might as well keep paying tuition for somebody,” Bill said.

William and Billie Murray

The Murrays now fund two student scholarships with annual donations. One is for a junior or senior with at least a 3.5 GPA with demonstrated financial need. First preference is given to single parent. Bill, ’72, political science, said it was Billie’s idea to find a way to help dedicated students who might be struggling because of the obligations facing them as a single parent. The other scholarship will help students participating in one of the school’s global initiative programs, such as the Huntsman Scholars program.

Bill said giving an annual donation to fund a scholarship works out best for their budget and said they want to give back because of help they received.

“For us it is really, really gratifying,” Bill said. “I had scholarships when I was at Utah State. We were helped a lot by scholarships when I was at Berkeley, and we really feel that we have been blessed in that regard. So, it’s tremendously gratifying and it would be pretty ungrateful for us not to give back.”