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“Learning how to manage and analyze data will greatly improve my experience getting my PhD, as I am better equipped to do research and analyze the results of studies with the skills I learned. For mentoring, the professors have been so helpful and encouraging. They have sat down with me and given me great counsel that has set me up to be admitted into a prestigious PhD program.”

Jessica McGraw, MMIS Grad 2018

“Due to hard and soft skills learned in the MMIS program and experience with the Business Intelligence Group at USU I was able to land a fantastic internship with Koch Industries working as a Data Science / Business Intelligence Intern. All thanks goes to this program: the advisers and the faculty.”

Dylan Cunningham, MMIS Grad 2018

“The MMIS program thus far has been an incredible experience, specifically in regards to technical skills growth. The MMIS professors are top-notch in their field of study and most bring real-world experience that help me understand the concepts in relation to the professional workforce. The best thing about this program is that it applies to all businesses/industries and is growing rapidly in the professional setting.”

Joseph Rosas, MMIS Grad Student