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The MMIS curriculum was developed with two strategic goals:

  1. Provide students with analytical-focused information systems knowledge and a complementary business acumen to enhance corporate leadership and problem solving.
  2. Support the Huntsman four pillars of excellence – Ethical Leadership, Global Vision, Analytical Rigor and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

MMIS focuses on technology's role in managing and making sense of the ever‐increasing amount of data flowing into organizations. Today's managers must effectively utilize this data to improve decision making and company performance. As a student in the 33‐credit hour MMIS program, you will learn how to create value with powerful combinations of people, processes, and technology. Classes are project based with a hands‐on learning approach.


(All Prerequisites Must Be Completed Prior to Starting MMIS Coursework)

  • Business Statistics (or advisor approve equivalent)
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Programming (proficiency in an object-oriented language)
  • Business Communications (international students only)

MMIS ACUMEN (33 Credits: 24 Required, 9 Elective)

Credits Course Number Course Name Semester Taught

Core Requirements (15 Credits) All 5 are required to complete the Core Requirements

3 MIS 5300 Data Communications Fall
3 MIS 6230 Management of Database Systems Fall
3 MIS 6610 MIS Strategy  Spring
3 MIS 6900** IS Development


3 MIS 6250*** Internship

Fall, Spring, Summer

Web Development Requirement (3 credits) Choose 1 from this list to complete the Web Dev. Requirements.

3 MIS 5050* Web App Development (ASP.NET) Fall
3 MIS 6650* Open Source Web Development (PHP) Fall
3 MIS 6110a Advanced Web Development Spring

Data Analytics Requirements (6 credits) Choose 2 from this list to complete the Data Analytics Requirements

3 MIS 5150a Data Visual / Dashboards Fall, Spring
3 MIS 6110b Advanced Business Analytics w/ Dist. Comp (Hadoop) Fall
3 MIS 6110c Data Cleansing Spring, Summer
3 MIS 6500 Advanced Business Intelligence and Data Mining Spring
3 MIS 6330** Database Implementation (Oracle)


Electives (9 credits) Choose 3 from this list (that are not duplicated from any of the core requirements above in orange). No more than 3 credit hours will be given for MIS 6950.

3 MIS 5050* ASP.Net Fall, Spring
3 MIS 5150a Data Visuals / Dashboards Fall, Spring
3 MIS 5150b Special Topics Fall, Spring, Summer
3 MIS 5400 Systems & Analytics Programming (Python) Fall, Spring
3 MIS 5700 E-Commerce Fall, Spring
3 MIS 6110b Advanced Business Analytics w/ Dist. Comp (Hadoop) Fall
3 MIS 6110c Data Cleansing Spring, Summer
3 MIS 6500 Advanced Business Intelligence and Data Mining Spring
3 MIS 6330** Database Implementation Spring
3 MIS 6650* PHP


3 MIS 6800 Security Business Information


3 MIS 6860 Business Intelligence and Analytics


1-3 MIS 6950 Independent Readings

Fall, Spring, Summer

Table Key:

* MIS 6230 required as prerequisite
** Programming class + MIS 6230 required as prerequisite
*** Internship: An internship (MIS 6250) is required for all students as part of the academic program. The department encourages
all students to pursue the required internship early on in their academic career. All internships must be completed prior to graduation.
No more than 3 credit hours will be given for MIS 6250 on a Program of Study. The MMIS Office is happy to review individual cases depending on academic background or prior work experience.

Download a PDF version of the (MMIS) Curriculum.

Program of Study Options

All MMIS students have the option to pursue their degree in an accelerated, one year format or a two year format.  In order to see sample schedules, please click on the appropriate button below.