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Management Minute

Company or work team need a boost?

Turn a “Management Minute” into an hour or more of training in your organization. In a lunch, evening, or afternoon, a team training can revitalize your work team. We work with groups large and small, and can adapt a program to your needs.

Consider the following topics:

  • Better communication for better performance
  • Building a highly reliable team
  • Don’t get lost in your career
  • The seven things great leaders do
  • How vision motivates
  • High speed change
  • Dialogues that innovate

For less than the cost of "corporate training,” a USU Huntsman professor of practice can take your team on a learning journey using material and cases from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business MBA and undergraduate programs at Utah State University.

Our faculty includes:

Contact Information

For more information contact:

Dr. Scott C. Hammond

Scott HammondDr. Scott C. Hammond

Scott C. Hammond, PhD- Author and presenter of the KSL Management Minute, has taught in 150 different companies on four continents. Dr. Hammond is the author of several textbooks, award winning research, and Lessons of the Lost: Finding Hope and Resilience in Work, Life, and the Wilderness, which was nominated for Independent Book of the Year in 2017. Dr. Hammond is regularly quoted in national publications such as Fast Company and US News and World Report.

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Brad WinnDr. Brad Winn

Dr. Bradley A. Winn, a leader in Utah higher education and state government, has over 14 years of executive experience. Dr. Winn currently serves on the board of the Utah HR Executive Roundtable as well as the publications committee for the HR People & Strategy association. He has recently been appointed as the new Director of Huntsman MBA Professional Programs that now serves roughly 200 working professionals throughout the state of Utah and beyond.

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Chad AlbrechtDr. Chad Albrecht

Dr. Chad Albrecht, an award-winning research professor and Director of MBA programs at Utah State University, has been a Robbins Research Finalist for his work on fraud prevention and protection. He has written six books and his fraud-related research has been quoted in the Times of London, In-Flight Magazine, and many other news sources. Before becoming a professor, Dr. Albrecht worked as a licensed stockbroker for The Harris, a subsidiary of the Bank of Montreal.

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