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Huntsman Website FAQ


Website content should be thoroughly reviewed at least once a semester. We recommend that a review be completed prior to the beginning of each semester.

Basic content updates can be sent via email to Shara Gibbons The request should include details such as the page(s) that need updates and specific updates to content (addition/deletion/change). Copying the website content into Word and using track changes to show the updates that are needed is the most effective way of communicating updates.

If you have access to edit your website via OU Campus, you are free to make the changes yourself and submit them to be published.

Employees may be granted access to directly edit website content. A training course for OU Campus (our Content Management System (CMS)) is required prior to being granted access.

Complete this training course request/website access form to begin the process:

All websites in the Huntsman School domain ( are a representation of the Huntsman School of Business. We would strongly prefer that all pages inside this domain adhere to the Huntsman School branding policies, including the use of the approved Huntsman School template and heading and paragraph styles (they may not be overwritten).

Only approved Plug-ins/Applications may be utilized on Huntsman website (i.e. Calendar, forms, image galleries). Please reach out to Shara Gibbons, for assistance in configuring plug-ins/applciations.

External forms, calendars, etc., are not approved for use (this includes Google forms/calendars).

Questions regarding website rules and guidelines should be directed to the School’s webmaster, Shara Gibbons at


Updates can be emailed to the School’s webmaster, Shara Gibbons at


To begin the process for a complete content and design refresh, please schedule a meeting with Shara Gibbons,, to evaluate your current website. She will work with you to create a content plan, this includes creating an outlines for the website, Once the plan has been reviewed and approved by both Shara Gibbons and Dave Patel.

The client will be responsible for providing all materials for the website this includes: content, images, etc. Once website content has been provided the Website Team (Shara Gibbons) will start developing the site for you. Once the site is complete there will be an review/approval process prior to the site being made live.

Start to finish it takes about 4 weeks to outline, build and finalize a new website.


Domains .com or other extensions should be purchased through the school’s domain management account, so that they are the property of the school and not an individual. Depending on the purpose of the domain, individual units may be asked to pay for the domain registration fee. Journal entries will be made as needed to cover the cost.


The school runs Google Analytics on all sites/pages within the Huntsman School. Because the analytic account is centralized and includes all analytics, the primary account will not be shared with units inside of the school.

If a unit wants access to analytics for their specific site, they can set up their own Google Analytics account and configure the site they want to track. This will generate a unique tracking ID that can be added to the appropriate site, so that they can see their analytics directly.

The Google Analytic tracking code should be sent to the School’s webmaster, Shara Gibbons, at If you want to set up a site to track analytics on, and need help setting up Google Analytics, contact Shara for assistance.