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Huntsman School Room/Space Schedulers

The Eccles Business Building and Huntsman Hall have a number of rooms/spaces available for students, faculty and staff to utilize. Below is a list of the spaces available to schedule. Please note that Departmental Conference Rooms are only available to faculty/staff upon approval.


The online room scheduler is only available for Huntsman School Students, Faculty and Staff with A numbers to utilize. If you don’t have an A number you can contact the individuals below to request a reservation.

USU Classrooms

USU Classrooms can be scheduled in two ways.  The preferred method is to request a classroom using EMS and selecting the Centrally Scheduled Classroom Room Request option.  They can also be scheduled by sending an email to

Eccles Business Building Room/Spaces

  • FJ Management Center Interview Rooms
  • Business Building Lobby (2nd floor)
  • O.C. Tanner Lounge (9th floor)
  • Departmental Conference Room (Only available to faculty and staff)
  • Study Rooms

Huntsman Hall Room/Spaces

  • Study Rooms
  • Departmental Conference Room (Only available to faculty and staff)
  • Huntsman Hall Lobbies (1st, 2nd & 3rd floors)
  • Tanner Terrace (Outdoor and Indoor spaces)
  • Perry Pavilion (West 2/3 and East 1/3)
  • Huntsman Hall Courtyard (Outdoor space)


  • Huntsman Parking Stalls

Room/Space Contacts

Shantel Johnson

Phone: 435-797-8406

  • Huntsman Parking Stalls
  • O.C. Tanner Lounge (EBB 9th floor)
  • Perry Pavilion (HH West 2/3 and East 1/3)
  • Tanner Terrace (HH Outdoor and Indoor spaces)
  • Huntsman Hall Courtyard (HH Outdoor space)
  • Departmental Conference Room (Eccles Business and Huntsman Hall)
  • Study Rooms (Eccles Business Building and Huntsman Hall)

Christianna Miles

Phone: 435-797-5524

  • FJ Management Center Interview Rooms
  • Eccles Business Building Lobby (2nd Floor) & Hunstman Hall Lobbies (1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor)