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Creative Resources

Get started on your project with these production resources.

Templates is a great design tool that includes image templates for flyers, posters, invitation, social media posts, etc. We recommend this resource when getting the job done yourself.

Collaborative Projects

We are happy to collaborate on projects as time and resources allow. Email for assistance with new projects so that we can evaluate and prioritize your needs.

Photography Resources

The Huntsman School has a large collection of photos available on SmugMug and Box for USU employee use. Contact Art Director Hilary Frisby at to be granted access to photo galleries that may meet your specific needs.

We also have an account with Any stock imagery appropriate for your project can be purchased by contacting Hilary Frisby.

Photographers and videographers may be hired for specific projects.

Faculty/Staff Directory Photos

New or updated profile photos can be taken by the internal marketing team. Contact Hilary Frisby at to schedule an appointment.


USU Publication Design & Production

TSC Copy Center

Please send your project to for final approval before printing anything with the Huntsman School wordmark.