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Recent Faculty Publications

  • Carlson, D., Kacmar, M., Thompson, M. J., Andrews, M. Looking good and doing good: Family to work spillover through impression management. Journal of Managerial Psychology (2019)
  • Gardner, T. M., Van Iddekinge, C. H., & Hom, P. W. If You’ve Got Leavin’ on Your Mind: The Identification and Validation of Pre-Quitting Behaviors. Journal of Management. (2018)
  • Gardner, T. M., Munyon, T. P., Hom, P. W., & Griffeth, R. W. When Territoriality Meets Agency: An Examination of Employee Guarding as a Territorial Strategy.  Journal of Management. (2018)
  • Cook, A., Ingersoll, A., Glass, C. ‘Gender gaps at the top: Does board composition affect executive pay structures?’ Human Relations (2018)
  • Ingersoll, A., Glass, C., Cook, A., Olsen, K.J. ‘Power, status, and expectations: How narcissism manifests among women CEOs.’ Journal of Business Ethics (2018)
  • Cook, A., Glass, C. ‘Women on corporate boards: Do they advance corporate social responsibility?’ Human Relations (2018)
  • Glass, C., Cook, A. ‘Do women leaders promote positive change? Analyzing the effect of gender on business practices and diversity initiatives.’ Human Resource Management (2018)
  • Hammond., S.C., Damron, D., Liechty, C. ‘The Peach and the Coconut: A Guide to Collaboration for Global Teams’. Archway Publishing (2018)
  • Crane, B. D., Hartwell, C. J. ‘Global talent management: A life cycle view of the interaction between human and social capital’. Journal of World Business (2108)
  • Crane, B. D., Hartwell, C. J. ‘Developing employees’ mental complexity: Transformational leadership as a catalyst in employee development.’ Human Resource Development Review (2018)
  • Shaharudin, M.A., Tan, K.C., Kannan, V.R., Zailani, S., ‘The mediating effects of product returns between green capabilities and closed-loop supply chains’, Journal of Cleaner Production (2019)
  • DuHadway, S., Carnovale, S., Kannan, V.R., 'Organizational Communication and Individual Behavior: Implications for Supply Chain Risk Management’, Journal of Supply Chain Management (2018)
  • Carlson, D., Thompson, M. J., Kacmar, M. ‘Double crossed: The spillover and crossback effects of work demands on work outcomes through the family.’ Journal of Applied Psychology (2019)
  • Crawford, W., Thompson, M. J., Ashforth, B. E. ‘Work-life events theory: Making sense of shock events in dual-earner couples.’ Academy of Management Review (2019)