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Selected Faculty Publications

Forthcoming Publications

Isenhour, L. C., & Hartwell, C. J. (in press). HR administration and human resource information systems. In M. J. Kavanagh & R. D. Johnson (Eds.), Human Resource Information Systems: Basics, Applications, and Future Directions (5th Edition). Sage Publishing

2020 Publications

Hartwell, C. J., & Campion, M. A. Getting social in selection: How social networking website content is perceived and used in hiring. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 28, 1-16

Harari, M. B., Fenton, H., Hartwell, C. J., & Riegelman, A. Literature searches in systematic reviews and meta-analyses: A review, evaluation, and recommendations. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 118

Hartwell, C. J., Orr, T., & Edwards, J. The effect of reducing application redundancy on applicant attrition. International Journal of Selection and Assessment

Thompson, M. J., Carlson, D., Kacmar, M., & Vogel, R. M. The cost of being ignored: Emotional exhaustion in the work and family domains. Journal of Applied Psychology

Harrison, J. S., Thurgood, G. R., Boivie, S. & Pfarrer, M. D. In press. Perception is reality: How CEO’s observed personality influences market perceptions of firm risk and shareholder returns. Academy of Management Journal

2019 Publications

Harrison, J. S., Thurgood, G. R., Boivie, S. & Pfarrer, M. D. How a CEO’s personality affects their company’s stock price. Harvard Business Review

Harrison, J. S., Thurgood, G. R., Boivie, S., & Pfarrer, M. D. Measuring CEO personality: Developing, validating, and testing a linguistic tool. Strategic Management Journal: 1-15

Hardcopf, Rick, Rachna Shah, and Ujjal Mukherjee. "Explaining heterogeneity in environmental management practice adoption across firms." Production and Operations Management: 2898-2918

Kacmar, K. M., Carlson, D. S., Thompson, M., & Zivnuska, S. But I Still Feel Guilt: A Test of a Moral Disengagement Propensity Model. Human Performance, 32(3-4), 165-180

Carlson, D., Thompson, M. J., Crawford, W. S., & Kacmar, M.  Spillover and crossover of work resources:  A test of the positive flow of resources through work-family enrichment. Journal of Organizational Behavior

Carlson, D., Kacmar, M., Thompson, M. J., Andrews, M. Looking good and doing good: Family to work spillover through impression management. Journal of Managerial Psychology

Shaharudin, M.A., Tan, K.C., Kannan, V.R., Zailani, S., ‘The mediating effects of product returns between green capabilities and closed-loop supply chains’, Journal of Cleaner Production

Carlson, D., Thompson, M. J., Kacmar, M. ‘Double crossed: The spillover and crossback effects of work demands on work outcomes through the family.’ Journal of Applied Psychology

Crawford, W., Thompson, M. J., Ashforth, B. E. ‘Work-life events theory: Making sense of shock events in dual-earner couples.’ Academy of Management Review

2018 Publications

Gardner, T. M., Van Iddekinge, C. H., & Hom, P. W. If You’ve Got Leavin’ on Your Mind: The Identification and Validation of Pre-Quitting Behaviors. Journal of Management

Gardner, T. M., Munyon, T. P., Hom, P. W., & Griffeth, R. W. When Territoriality Meets Agency: An Examination of Employee Guarding as a Territorial Strategy.  Journal of Management

Cook, A., Ingersoll, A., Glass, C. ‘Gender gaps at the top: Does board composition affect executive pay structures?’ Human Relations

Ingersoll, A., Glass, C., Cook, A., Olsen, K.J. ‘Power, status, and expectations: How narcissism manifests among women CEOs.’ Journal of Business Ethics

Cook, A., Glass, C. ‘Women on corporate boards: Do they advance corporate social responsibility?’ Human Relations

Glass, C., Cook, A. ‘Do women leaders promote positive change? Analyzing the effect of gender on business practices and diversity initiatives.’ Human Resource Management

Hammond., S.C., Damron, D., Liechty, C. ‘The Peach and the Coconut: A Guide to Collaboration for Global Teams’. Archway Publishing

Crane, B. D., Hartwell, C. J. ‘Global talent management: A life cycle view of the interaction between human and social capital’. Journal of World Business

Crane, B. D., Hartwell, C. J. ‘Developing employees’ mental complexity: Transformational leadership as a catalyst in employee development.’ Human Resource Development Review

DuHadway, S., Carnovale, S., Kannan, V.R., 'Organizational Communication and Individual Behavior: Implications for Supply Chain Risk Management’, Journal of Supply Chain Management