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Newsday Quotes Management Professor Merideth Ferguson

Merideth Ferguson, assistant professor of management

Merideth Ferguson, recently quoted in Newsday, has done research on incivility in the workplace.


Merideth Ferguson, assistant professor of management at the Huntsman School of Business, was recently quoted in a story in Newsday.

The article focuses on the negative effects of workplace incivility and rudeness, which is an area of research expertise for Dr. Ferguson.

The column titled “Workplace rudeness can be bad for business,” states that 98% of Americans have been acquainted with workplace incivility and that these types of rude interactions can lead to profit losses, low morale, and a decrease in productivity.

One area of Dr. Ferguson’s research specializes in bad employee behavior. She is particularly interested in how abusive supervision and workplace incivility cross over to affect an employee’s family experiences.

Dr. Ferguson states in the article that incivility in the workplace is more subtle than bullying and it is often unclear whether rudeness is intentional or not. The best way to eliminate this bad behavior is to stop hiring people likely to participate in it, and she suggests organizations use personality testing in their selection processes.

The full article on workplace rudeness can be read here.