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Working with Undergraduate and Graduate TA's


Professor Kenneth Miller from Brown University describes how his perceptions of the usefulness of GA's and TA's has changed. Where he used to believe that they were unnecessary, he now finds them to be an incredible resource. He shares specific ways that you can make the most out of these student aids.

Key Points

  • The assistant should not be viewed as an employee, but as an apprentice
  • Make sure you have clearly outlined goals for your TA
  • Goals that students have for the TA should also be considered
  • You should also help the TA outline specific goals of what he or she hopes to get out of your relationship
  • Preparation, including hiring and setting expectations, should happen at the end of the prior semester when possible
  • Training should take place prior to, and during, the semester
  • Meet regularly in person to ensure a strong team 


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