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Wish is Now the World's Most Downloaded E-Commerce App

Original Content Publication Date: 03/13/2019


With its low-priced Chinese-made products, the mobile app Wish targets the lower-income market and is the third largest e-commerce marketplace. While competitors like Amazon require an annual fee, Wish's success is thanks to its small commission fee for its merchants and low shipping prices. Some issues for Wish include shady merchants, quality-control, and growing tensions between China and the US.

Key Points

  • The shopping app Wish was the most downloaded e-commerce app worldwide in 2018, competing with Amazon
  • Wish succeeds through its low prices, advertising, and affordable shipping
  • Some major struggles include fraudulent merchants, poor reviews, and political threats toward the postal deals between China and the US

Discussion Questions

  • What advantages does Wish have by appealing to the low-income population?
  • What solutions would you propose to Wish to address the issues they are facing?
  • What do you believe is keeping Wish from being the number one e-commerce app in the world?


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