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Why Michigan Republicans Are Working to Undermine the Minimum Wage Bill They Passed

Original Content Publication Date: 12/04/2018


Republican lawmakers and the Chamber of Commerce don't typically associate with the support of higher minimum wage and mandatory sick pay. But particular citizen-driven bills in Michigan were passed legislatively to keep them off the ballet. Now, during the lame-duck session, lawmakers are easily having them removed. 

Key Points

  • Because of impending inflation, Republican lawmakers are now slow-walking the minimum wage increase before the Democratic Governor takes the chair
  • Citizens are trying to raise both the tipped and un-tipped minimum wage to $12 an hour

Discussion Questions

  1. What affect would a $12 minimum wage by the year 2020 have on the economy?
  2. Typically what population, or social class, are those who fight for higher minimum wages? Why?


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