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Why Canada is a Guinea Pig for Global Markets

Original Content Publication Date: 05/13/2019


Canada is said to be a very sophisticated marketing environment. With its diverse population representing more than 200 languages, Canada composes a wide range of consumer segments and demographic niches in which to test new products or to refine existing ones. 

Key Points

  • Canada has the highest proportion of foreign-born people of any G7 nation, allowing it to represent very diverse groups of consumers
  • Because of its diverse population, Canada can be reflective of consumer tastes in the US, Europe, Australia and elsewhere allowing global brands to conduct accurate market research 
  • There are many testing centers for market research because of the vast geographic diversity of urban areas that reflect US cities, and rural areas that reflect other parts of the world

Discussion Questions

  1. What characteristics make Canada ideal for product testing and market research?
  2. Why is it more difficult to test products in countries like the US and the UK?


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