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Walmart partners with MGM to boost video-on-demand service

Original Content Publication Date: 10/08/2018


Walmart is partnering with US movie studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer to boost its video on demand service Vudu. There have been rumors that Walmart was looking to launch a subscription video-streaming service to rival that of Netflix and produce TV shows to attract more customers but according to company sources, Walmart isn't currently planning such a move. 

Key Points

  • Walmart is teaming up with MGM to compete more effectively in video-on-demand
  • Walmart is looking for options to boost its video-on-demand business that targets customers who live outside of big cities
  • Walmart acquired Vudu to safeguard against declining in-store DVD sales

Discussion Questions

  1. Why does Walmart want to compete with Netflix and Hulu?
  2. How can a retail store compete in video-on-demand?
  3. Where do you see the video-on-demand industry heading as we move into the future?


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