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Uber Partnering with Transit Agencies

Original Content Publication Date: 01/31/2019


Uber is continuing its vision to be a one-stop shop for transportation with the integration of public transit agencies into its app. Starting in Denver, Uber will show customers information and directions in real-time to give them a more seamless experience. This benefits the transit companies as well by improving efficiency and allowing customers to purchase tickets on the Uber app. Uber hopes to create partnerships like these with other U.S. cities soon.

Key Points

  • Uber is tapping into the public transit market providing efficiency for transit companies and customers
  • Starting in Denver, Uber hopes to partner with other U.S. cities soon
  • Customers who need a cheaper option compared to other Uber services can still get to where they need to through the app

Discussion Questions

  • Why would Uber want to partner with public transit when that isn't their initial service market?
  • Do you think there are limits to this new strategy? If so, what are they?


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