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Top 8 Business Stories of 2018

Original Content Publication Date: 12/21/2018


2018 was an interesting year in the Business world. This short video goes over what CNN thinks are the top 8 stories of the year in different companies and what aspects and events qualified them to be considered a top business story of 2018.
Listed below are the cases that CNN consider to be the top stories in their video.  

Key Points

  • “Retail implodes as Amazon explodes”
  • “Auto Companies Recon with The Future”
  • “Trump vs. the Federal Reserve”
  • “Elon Musk’s Erratic Behavior”
  • “Wall Street's Wild Swings”
  • “President Trump Took on The World”
  • “Unemployment Hits Historic Lows”
  • “Facebook Scandals”  

Discussion Questions

  1. What trends are happening in the business world?
  2. What can companies learn from these examples?


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